Today I turn 46, so I decided to blog something about it. This is also my opportunity to thank you all – relatives, colleagues and Chronotron users – for the warm messages on all those social networks I seldom interact with.

Just yesterday, on my way back from a holiday trip, I was handed the usual survey about my stay. One of the first questions was about age group, for which my conceivable options where either 30–45 or 46–60.

This question put me through a tough test: am I old already? Whoever came up with these choices decided that something – body, mind, wallet, or possibly all of that – undergoes drastic changes past 45. And that’s possibly true; however, I can tell you that those of us determined to live our own lives don’t barely notice it.

So, after a moment of hesitation, I selected the first option and called it a day. Remember, this happened yesterday after all.