Music Source Separation (aka “Unmixing”) with Chronotron

Music source separation is the task of extracting separate instrument tracks, or stems, from a final a song mix. This is an incredibly hard problem, often compared to getting the eggs back from an omelet. While theorists haven't completely solved yet the source separation problem, recent advances in AI are getting us closer and closer … Continue reading Music Source Separation (aka “Unmixing”) with Chronotron

You Stream

Last year I blogged about Chronotron's built-in YouTube downloader. Since release 145, Chronotron can also stream online videos without actually downloading them. To try it out, after searching for a clip, click on the ellipsis and select Add link to current playlist. Yes, you can create playlists where some – or all – of the … Continue reading You Stream


Today I turn 47. Like last year, I'd like to thank everyone who said congrats through the usual social platforms. And like last year, I'm blogging something about it. It turns out that being just one year older triggered in me the need for prescription glasses. Glasses being expensive gear, I quickly found myself shopping … Continue reading 47