You Stream

Last year I blogged about Chronotron’s built-in YouTube downloader. Since release 145, Chronotron can also stream online videos without actually downloading them.

To try it out, after searching for a clip, click on the ellipsis and select Add link to current playlist. Yes, you can create playlists where some – or all – of the items are YouTube links.

By the way, the Open URL function (Ctrl + U) also works with YouTube URLs.

Video streaming has some limitations, though. The most obvious ones are that you need to be online to open the links and that your Internet connection needs to be fast enough to handle this scenario.

When it comes to the app itself, streamed videos can’t display a waveform, which means that Chronotron can’t do transient processing on them, for example. Another limitation is that streamed videos can’t be rendered to disk. These two restrictions may be removed in subsequent Chronotron releases, as the streaming functionality gets more mature.

Finally, when streaming from YouTube, please note that many videos won’t play in HD. This is because only the single-file flavor of clip is currently supported.

In spite of its limitations, I find this functionality useful for casual playback. What about you? Let me know in the comments section below.

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