Today I turn 47. Like last year, I’d like to thank everyone who said congrats through the usual social platforms. And like last year, I’m blogging something about it.

It turns out that being just one year older triggered in me the need for prescription glasses.

Glasses being expensive gear, I quickly found myself shopping around for a good deal. In my quest for the ideal device I visited a couple of opticians, but one of them caught my particular attention. They offered a discount equal in percentage to the customer’s age: if you’re 40 you’d get 40% off, if you’re 51, 51% off, and so on.

On my 46th birthday I blogged a short story about crossing an age threshold. This time, though, I was presented with a different kind of formula – a linear equation actually.

I was puzzled. At first, I thought they might believe that older people have contributed more to the society and should get cheaper stuff in return, or that we’re expected to need new pairs of glasses more and more often, or that we’re likely to get poorer as we get older. But wait… linearly? Nah, this must be just a neat marketing trick.

Anyway, when I’m 100, I’ll surely come back and have my glasses for free.

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