Chronotron and the Ventriloquist Machines

Ventriloquists can utter entire phrases while their lips remain still. Their second voice doesn’t appear to come from the usual parts of the body you would expect it to come from, yet it is there. So, when I first saw Jeff Dunham perform, I joked to my colleagues “This guy must have two soundcards”.

The two-soundcard metaphor is an amusing one. In reality, though, ventriloquists don’t have the ability to use their two voices at the same time, whereas some systems can play music over one soundcard while using a different device for monitoring.

You may be interested to know that Chronotron also allows you to select which playback device to use, provided that your PC has multiple soundcards. This comes in handy, for example, if you need to switch often between your headphones and your main boxes.

You could enable this behavior in previous versions of the app by turning on the option Use alternative playback engine. The good news is that, starting from Release 103, the new playback engine is now the default one so device switching is readily accessible. No additional tweaking needed.

Click on the speaker button at the left of the transport controls, as shown above, then select the device you want to use out of the popup menu. And that’s basically all there’s to it.

Just like ventriloquists do, the app can switch from one soundcard to another, even during playback (as of this writing, only one device can be active at the time).

Does your system have multiple soundcards? Are there other scenarios you would like to see implemented in Chronotron? Let me know via the Comments section or through the usual support channels.

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