2018 + 113 + 14 + 18 = 2019

Release 113 is the last Chronotron update of this year. That’s at least the plan, unless unexpected issues trigger another urgent deployment.

As you can read in the Release Notes, this update brings a couple of quality improvements. The most noticeable change is that the audio scroller is now resizable, motivated by the fact that most of the app window area remained unused when playing audio files.

A less visible – though nothing short of life-changing – addition is that now the space bar can be used as a shortcut to start and stop playback. Yes, finally! Indeed, this feature was long overdue because it took me a while to get it implemented in a way that doesn’t interfere much with accessibility. I frankly don’t know how many Chronotron users, if any, have specific needs, and I don’t even claim the app meets all accessibility guidelines; however, I definitely don’t want to make things harder for those who rely on those features.

The final significant change in Release 113 is that the ARM package is now 64-bit. In the Release Notes I call this package beta software, though the sad truth is that it has been barely tested. So, if you own a Windows on ARM (a.k.a. WoA) device, don’t hesitate to report any bugs via the usual channels. Better yet, if you happen to be in touch with a WoA device OEM, tell them not to give up: there’s at least one app developer committed to the platform!

All in all, there were 14 app updates in 2018 that brought some new features and many quality improvements. I wrote 18 entries in this blog – a number that is a bit below my initial objective, but hopefully enough to keep you updated on what’s going on.

What’s coming in 2019? Further UI improvements? Updates to core functionality? Inking support? Some AI features? Stay tuned if you want to know!

In the meantime, enjoy Release 113 and don’t hesitate to post your wish list in the Comments section below.

Happy holiday season!

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